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Do You Need Expert For Eave and Fascia Replacement?

Your roof and eaves are always exposed to harsh outside Australian elements like rain, wind, dust and high levels of UV. These factors continuously cause your fascia boards to wear out over time leading to damaged roofing, gutters, and eaves not to mention the threat of worn and peeling paint, rotten boards, detachment and leakage making matters worse.

Eaves are known to serve the crucial purpose of keeping water away from your property. The fascia boards and eaves act as a barrier safeguarding the roof to maintain a distance from the walls and protects the roof’s guttering system. It enables proper runoff of the rainwater and prevents moisture seepage through the internal walls.

If your eaves are damaged, it fails to perform this function and as a result, you may experience problems like water leakage into your property through sidewalls, ceiling and also foundations. This shows how essential it is to maintain the condition of your roof regularly.

Fascia Board Replacement & Repairs by JR Renovations

Have you recently noticed the fascia boards rotting at the corners of your house or building? Maybe your gutters are overflowing and causing damage to the Fascia, or you are just looking to update the appearance of your home.

Whatever your service requirement may be, the JR Renovations team are keen to provide the perfect solution for your fascia board replacement Melbourne.

Our home repair and maintenance team in Melbourne are highly efficient and experienced in everything that we do. Once our expert tradesmen can determine the exact condition of your roof, fascia and eaves, we can then offer you the best-recommended solution ensuring your fascia replacement or eave project is undertaken within your time-frame and on budget. We offer guaranteed workmanship to keep you assured that the work quality to meet your expectations.

Fascia Board Replacement Melbourne
Rotten Boards on House

Why JR Renovations for Fascia replacement in Melbourne?

  • All our workmanship is guaranteed, and our trades are certified.
  • We work with all quality eave and fascia building products available in Australia.
  • Insured for 10 million public liability and take accountability for all eaves and fascia repairs.
  • Cost-effective prices and on-time project delivery even in times of tight deadlines.
  • JR Renovations are registered Victorian domestic and commercial building practitioners.
  • We provide a number of solutions to match your situation and budget.

Get a Fascia & Eave Replacement Quote Today!

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